About Us

Techfilehippo team warmly welcome our visitors for visiting our new website. It is technology related website and also tutorials related to new hot technologies related software development, Big Data, Machine Learning, Web Development, Data Analysis, Data Scrapping. We are figuring out the best and worst tutorials to deliver perfect results. Our Project team has a complete and emerging business plan for this project. We had worked really hard to reach this point but it is only some percent of total project. After some addition or may be near completing this project a user will able to find every software free of cost and a best platform for learning new and evolving technologies. Providing software’s  for downloading and executing is not yet enough, we will expand our project further to create different small software’s  on demand free of cost for public. We have also a plan for launching an Android app for this website and also for android users to download mobile apps free. Users will be able to give their reviews on every different topics. All rating and reviews will be stored in the website in the form of table which will rank the countries according to given reviews.

Shehzad Amjad (CEO/CO-Founder)

Shehzad Amjad is professional and expert in the field of web building and Software Development. My experience and expertise’s in Software Development and SEO leads me to way excellence. The key technique to rank high in search engines like google and yahoo Search Engine Optimization is the only way which leads to success path. We are using different web building platforms which includes WordPress that gives the perfect foundation for beginners and professional to build their ideas in to real. I have a large team of experts and energetic peoples working on this project. Each and every member is highly motivated, qualified and experienced in their specific field. The work quality shows the expertise’s of each team member. Our team vision is to provide free software’s as well as best tutorials on emerging technologies and also new issues in the field software development and Big Data Analytics. Our Content is totally based on team work and Research.

You can contact me personally by email at shahzadamjad94@gmail.com